Below I am including an index of my work on Bandcamp and Soundcloud for you all to enjoy.

If there is anything that you particularly like please feel free to purchase these through Bandcamp as a way of supporting my work.


I have been producing and recording music as In the Black Box for over 15 years. Like my writing this has been a process of discovery as I created sounds that range from simple acoustic guitar recordings, to experimental techno, funk techno (!?) and field recordings of street musicians in Madrid.

You can listen to all In the Black Box releases on Bandcamp and a more random selection on Soundcloud to get a better sense of my sound and what to expect.

Before this I also cut my teeth on musical performance through the often followed teenage ritual of a school and university rock band. This taught me a lot about what it takes to be successful as a musician and true to this reality the dream faded as we grew older, but I will always cherish those days performing during our own modest version of a music career in venues across Dublin.

I have continued to create music in my spare time as a personal desire to practice and a form of therapy - for me it is as much an investigation into the technologies and instruments that I have to hand as it is an attempt to find some level of inner joy and calm.

Tricking With Bass (2020)

Upkeep (Sketch / Jam) (2020)

Crashing Pipes (2019)

Rolling Bass DFAM Jam (2019)

Close to 6 minutes of pulsing techno - if you are into that sort of thing. This is a snippet taken from a longer jam as I explored the Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother).

Crisp and Slow (2016)

It’s In You Too (2015)

Scrape (2015)

Run System (The Second Version) (2015)

Edge Tile (2015)

Carnival Sprong Jam (2014)

Leave Gaps (2014)

In Stream (2014)

On a Dusty Path (Sketch Edit) (2014)

First Return (2013)

Boiled Jam (2013)

Three Fold (2013)

You Are On A Boat (2012)

Bulb (2012)

Waves EP (2011)

Tuesday Morning (2010)

Radio Dynamic 22 (2010)

2010 Vol.1 (2010)

2009 vol.1, 2 & 3 (2009)